Collection: Table Lanterns

Table lamps are our most popular lighting choices. They come in various colors and designs, and are easy to setup - just plug and voilá! You'll create a warm and echanting experience in seconds. They come in different styles ranging from  single, double, or triple globes. The most popular is the "curved neck" (a.k.a Swan Neck).

All our lanterns are handmade with a handblown thick glass globe base. Over the glass globe, hand-cut glass pieces are glued over with glass beads and/or glass mirror pieces. The pattern reflections resemble flowers, stars, snow flakes, Turkish Kilim designs and other gorgeous patterns. Unlike prefabricated look-alikes, each piece is uniquely hand assembled, just like the Turkish carpets and pottery, thus one piece is never a perfect recreation of a previous. 

Glass globes are fitted to a metal base, featuring three finish options: antique, silver or gold. The wiring is universal with regulates 50 & 60 hertz.