Terms & Conditions

Since most of our products are handmade, they may be unique and they might be subject to stock check first. By digital camera, we show items as best as we can. Upon request, we can send more pictures of a particular product/products you may choose. However, we can not 100% guarantee the details, especially the color tones. Product Descriptions are given here to guide you and convey the knowledge we have.

Prices do NOT include shipping (unless promoted), customs and insurance costs. Our list prices are subject to change without prior notice. The prices on the website are independent of the ones in the store.

Payment and Billing

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and PayPal as well as direct money transfer. In the case of personal checks, there is a five-day waiting period after the check is deposited. Your choice of goods will be shipped after we receive the payment.


In the U.S., we ship the items via UPS or USPS. Do not accept damaged items from UPS or USPS and file a claim as soon as you see any problem. Shipping via UPS takes 3-7 days on average after the order shipped in the States. 
Shipping via Postal Service takes 3-7 days.

Taxes and Duties

Customers are responsible for any taxes, import tariffs or duties outside of the United States.