Collection: Jewelry

Some of our jewelry are unique one-of-a-kind, so what you see is what you get. Others are available in various styles sizes and colors.  

We also have many Stainless Steel jewelry which will be available soon on the website

For metal jewelry the materials used vary. They come in silver, brass and bronze. Brass is a common choice for jewelry, since it has an attractive gold color and offers an affordable alternative to precious metals. Made from a combination of copper and zinc, the properties of brass can vary depending on the amount of these two metals used in its production. According to the Copper Development Association, the proportion of copper and zinc can also affect how jewelers can use the metal in their products. Bronze is an alloy of multiple metals. Often, it contains copper, tin, and zinc. This pretty metal has a warm, brownish-gold tone that works well with a variety of stones and materials. According to Fire Mountain Gems, brass has been used for thousands of years.